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May 2018 Dental Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

iHireDental’s dental industry data for May saw a lot of changes compared to April and other previous months. The highlight was a massive influx of Dentist-General Practitioner jobs – just over 15,000 – which also heavily influenced the top 5 skills listed in dental job ads for the month: X-rays, general dentistry, doctor of medicine in dentistry, periodontics, and orthodontics. Additionally, Illinois debuted as a top hiring state.

On the dental job seeker side, 1,509 Office Managers/Practice Admins/Receptionists joined iHireDental in May (topping Dental Assistants for the first time) while the top states and metro areas where job seekers reside remained the same. Dental prophylaxis took the place of periodontics in the top 5 list of skills in iHireDental job seeker profiles.

Get the full May 2018 report below:

ihiredental may 2018 dental industry report infographic

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
June 05, 2018