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"Thanks to iHireDental for helping me find a new job so quickly."

Emily - New Job

"iHireDental has the latest listings. I saw a new listing and sent resume and dropped one off in person. Got hired the next day. "

Mary S.

Helena, MT
"Applying to jobs was a very easy process!"

George J.

Killeen, TX
"I got two calls after applying one day, and two interviews. I got a job in one week! iHire helped."


Troy, MO
"It was great! I sent out my resume. The next day I got a call. One day later I had an interview and was hired on the spot."


Roanoke, VA
"I would highly recommend your site to those who are seeking employment because the emails that I received were for ONLY the position I was seeking, whereas other job sites send emails that have absolutely nothing to do with my search."

Tammy P.

Shady Side, MD
"I found a job! Thanks! "

Abbey V.

Denver, CO
"iHireDental helped me find positions available that were fit to my needs!"

Guadalupe M.

Mattawa, WA
"Easy to navigate .Gives me tips to improve my resume .I keep track of my applications and have daily notifications of new jobs based on my previous searches."

Mizoide - Easy to navigate

"Awesome, just awesome. Quick, fast and easy to use. I found a job in a week."

Jeremiah - Amazing it works like magic

"I got an interview within 24 hours and got the job the following week. I start Monday!"

Christine G.

Port Orange, FL
"As a new student, barely out of school, not yet having received my RDA License in the mail, finding a job was proving to be difficult before I even started looking. After just an hour looking on iHireDental, I had found multiple jobs to apply to. One of which ended up offering me a position. A week and a half from the day I started my trial on iHire, I had gone to three interviews and been hired!"

Kaila W. - Rda

"They helped me find a job that was best suited for me. "

Shaeyla M.

Chandler, OK
"This great service brought all the jobs straight to my email and made it easy to apply. I got a job really quickly."

Sandi W.

Beaverton, OR
"Wow... I moved to a new city and needed to find a new job in the same field I've been in for over 10 years. With iHireDental I got an interview and accepted a job. Thank you again. "

Tamara Gray

Columbus, GA
"I have never used this site before. I came across it while doing a recent job search. Within 3 hrs of applying for a position an interview was scheduled and within a week an offer has been accepted. Thank you iHire!"

Christina - I have never used this site before

"I am a dentist in north Texas but have longed to move to the Houston area. I signed on with iHire, submitted my resume and location request. A representative immediately contacted me and made suggestions to make my resume stand out. She also provided a constant stream of emails with opportunities to consider in the areas I specified. The CEO of an outstanding dental practice mentioned seeing my information on iHire and set up an interview. I am now very happy to be near my grandkids and I thank iHire."

Farrell S.

Aledo, TX
"This web site is very well put together. It is was very easy to become a member, as well as build resume online. I am a new member and I'm currently waiting for results. I'm sure it will be a positive search."

Antoinette L.

Bedford, TX
"Helped me by giving me jobs I was most compatible to, and I got a job not even a week after applying. "

Jalisa C.

Leesville, SC
"I just wanted to say thank you to iHireDental, for distributing my resume. I now have the job that for a long time, I have been out looking for. And they found me thanks to the resume distribution service on this site! Thank you very much. I am very pleased."

Christine T.

Lakewood, CA
"I wanted a parti-time job and iHire is where I found it! Thank you."


Columbia, MD
"I was hesitant to sign up on iHire, but I found a job in less than a day!! Thanks ihire!!"

Jessica - Sign Up On iHire

"It was a very easy to use website. I got a job within a couple of weeks. "


Redlands, CA
"Definitely kept my awareness current and I found an office job, thank you so much!"

Katie M.

Middleton, ID
"I am new to the Dental Industry, and iHireDental's resume tool was very helpful in making my skills more marketable. I applied to several positions, had 5 interviews and have accepted a full-time job offer. All within 2 weeks!"

Annette R.

Aurora, CO
"iHire has given me so many opportunities. I am 100% satisfied with them and will continue to use them if I ever needed to again."


"IHireDental has truly helped the way I look for jobs! Getting notifications daily and the simplicity of sending in a resume made it worthwhile signing up for this website."


Homewood, IL
"Found a job right away!!"

Lyniece T.

Ransom Canyon, TX
"I quickly found a new job within weeks of starting to look. This site helps filter jobs without you having to search other outlets. "


Somerville, AL
"It made looking for, and finding a job easy and manageable."

Eileen O.

Hamden, CT
"It was easy to apply and the employers came to me. "


Oklahoma City, OK
"I would like to thank iHireDental and Lana Porter for helping me find a job. At first I didn't think I would be able to find a job through this site. When I was asked about the 3 month special I declined. I was thinking I would find a job right away with my experience of over 15 years. But it took me 3 months to really get the job I was looking for. I recommend to anyone looking, sign up for the 3 month special, it will help you save some money. This was my first time ever using the site, but it was great for me."

Cindy J.

"iHire found jobs I otherwise probably would'nt have found. This eventually led me to my new job with much better pay."


Denver, CO
"I have one word and that is WOW! Your service really works. The next day after I signed up with iHireDental, I started receiving 3-4 calls asking for me to come in for an interview. This really saves me time from having to get online or look through a newspaper everyday. You guys did all the work for me and all I had do is call the employers and set up an interview. Thank you so much iHireDental team!!"

Kim D.

Dallas, TX
"In the past 2 days since I posted my resume with, I have been receiving phone calls from employers all over New York, and so far I have more than 10 interviews scheduled for this week, and hopefully I will get a job from one of those interviews. I truly appreciate the help that iHireDental is giving me. In less than 1 week they have helped me more than, hot jobs etc. I recommend for anybody to give it a shot, you will be surprised."

Neyda K.

"I found a good selection of good job offerings on iHireDental."

Jill C.

Commerce City, CO
"iHireDental helped me find the perfect office to start my new career! "

Cliff H.

Katy, TX
"iHireDental was very helpful to compare and search what I was looking for."


Reno, NV
"I responded to an ad that I had only seen on iHire, went to the interview, and got hired on the spot! Definitely was worth the money. I found a job in 2 months, thank you!"

Jennifer I.

Twinsburg, OH
" your service is AMAZING! Thank you. Within 4 days I had two interviews for a dental hygienist position! Needless to say, I was hired on the SPOT! I got exactly what I was looking for! This service is one of a kind. I've have spread the news about to 'every' dental professional."

Patricia G.

Virginia Beach, VA
"This service was so great. Within 12 hours of posting my cover letter, I was called by an employer and hired on the spot."

Veronika V.

Reno, NV
"This site allowed doors to open up and cut down some of the hours of my search for a new job!"


"I now have a full-time job because iHireDental provides daily updates on job opportunities. I received more interview calls than i expected, which is a good percentage of the emails that I sent out. I'm happy with the outcome. "

Patrisha O.

Los Angeles, CA
"Great experience and easy to use it. More easy than I expected. Great tool if you are looking for a job!"

Jorge G.

"I was able to find my first job working as a Dental Assistant even with my lack of experience. It just took me two days. I sent out my resume, got called the next day for an interview and got hired on the spot. "

Lisa A.

Bensalem, PA
"iHireDental helped me find a job that I so far really enjoy!! iHire found me this job!"

Lynn R.

Brighton, MI
"iHireDental provided me with several job opportunities."

Bonnie M.

Los Angeles, CA
"They helped me get a job!"

Kristina L.

Phoenix, AZ
"Every time I’ve signed up for this service I’ve found employment within one week! Thanks iHire for making the job search so easy!"

Diana - Every time I’ve signed up

"I can't believe it... a site that really did help me find employment!!! I signed up with iHire after finding them on a random Google search. Within one month I found the job I really wanted and was hired. There was a direct phone line, which is answered by an actuall person- not a computer, where I could call for any questions and could verify that my resume was sent and received. Compared to other sites, the fee is VERY reasonable and well worth the investment! For just a few bucks ($35) I was able to gain access to the job of my dreams. I found employment with a dental sales company based out of NYC. I was flown to NYC to train immediately after being hired and had the time of my life. A great opportunity. I would never have found this position by word of mouth, looking in the newspaper or Craig's List. I am a skeptic by nature, but iHire has changed my opinion significantly. iHire got my foot in the door, and then I kicked it open!"

Maria M.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
"So easy to use and I liked the daily emails so I can see immediate job openings. I was able to find a job easily through iHireDental."

Jennifer Y.