Graphic with iHireDental displayed alongside illustrations of various dental tools.

June 2019 Dental Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

After increasing by nearly 1,000 registered users in May, iHireDental added another 9,000 new dental job seekers in June, bringing our total member base to 418,173. There are also over 150,000 dental assistants on iHireDental with almost 2,600 joining just last month.

iHireDental added 17,988 new dental jobs in June, which was a slight decline compared to April and May. While hiring has slowed over the past three months, the market for dental assistants continues to be strong with 6,482 openings added to iHireDental in June. Is this simply a summer hiring lull, or are different factors at play? Check in again next month to see if seasonality continues to impact dental industry data.

Review our full dental industry analysis below.


iHireDental's dental industry overview for June 2019. Infographic.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
July 05, 2019