Graphic with iHireDental displayed alongside illustrations of various dental tools.

August 2019 Dental Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

iHireDental added 18,569 new dental jobs in August 2019. This is on par with the amount of new opportunities added to the site last month. However, while month-to-month job volume has remained relatively steady, we’ve seen a considerable decrease compared to August 2018 when iHireDental added almost 27,000 jobs. The most in-demand dental positions continue to be dental assistant, dentist – general practitioner, dental hygienist, and office manager/practice administrator/receptionist

While the dental industry data shows a plateau as far as hiring is concerned, iHireDental’s candidate base continues to grow with more than 7,000 dental job seekers registering on the site in August. There were also nearly 86,000 unique visitors to iHireDental over the course of the month, which is the most unique visitors in a single month since August 2018.

Review our full dental industry analysis below.


iHireDental's dental industry overview for August 2019. Infographic.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
September 11, 2019