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New Horizons Dental

Designed to lift the burden of the business off the Dentists shoulders, we wrap our doctors in a highly trained team and provide an effective infrastructure that reduces stress and allows them to live a more balanced life.

At New Horizons Dental, you’re free to practice dentistry without the distractions of running a business. With one of the best support teams in the industry handling all of the routine administrative and operational chores, you can provide optimal dental health to your patients.

Dentistry is hard enough. Instead of spending your extra time worrying about marketing, ordering supplies, or meeting payroll, free yourself of the business and live your life. We encourage our docs to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Keeping our doctors at the forefront of their profession is one of our major areas of focus. Through our frequent Continuing Education and training opportunities, you’ll be kept up to speed with the latest technological advances, treatment methods, products, and systems to ensure better clinical outcomes and a greater patient experience.

We take great pride in the care we give to patients. We also take great pride in the way we take care of our docs. Most of our docs earn significantly more than their peers in private practice and they have access to a robust benefits package. You’re worth it and we know it.

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