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Job ID: 352794721

Job Description

Our practice is seeking Full-time or Part-time Dental Assistants to work in our Englewood/Centennial office. We have a unique dental center environment with extended hours.  Laid-back environment with no Medicaid.  Fee-for-service/PPO business model that offers high-quality, convenient dental care.  Only one dentist on duty at a time, which keeps things simple and at a slower, steadier pace.  Many patients love our extended hours and no-nonsense approach to dentistry.  You will like it as well!

Your Qualifications:

  • Assisting certification required and 2 years experience in a private practice setting.
  • Setting up and breaking down ops as needed, digital xrays, sterilization, and other standard back office duties.
  • Experience in an office with endo, crown/bridge, oral surgery and implants desired.
  • Some front office desired but not required.
  • Treatment Plan presentation experience also desired.
  • Effective communication skills on phone and in person with patients.
  • Weekday, evening, or weekend hours available, depending upon your schedule.
  • EDDA training desired but not required.

Why you will love your job with us:

  • Full-timers get up to 2 weeks PTO.
  • Sick pay.
  • At or very near 40 hours per week if desired.
  • Time and a half opportunities for holidays and optional shifts.
  • Dental benefits.
  • Superb team with pleasant office environment.
  • Potential for advancement.
  • 3 Ops.
  • No pushy corporate dental tactics.

If you are looking for a stable work environment that can offer you a challenge and yet offer a fun, interesting place to work for years to come, we hope you will contact us to discover the opportunity in greater detail.


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