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Full Time
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5 - 10 years
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To provide overall general management of a dental laboratory and to assist in the fabrication of dental prosthetic appliances.



Develop annual operating budget for the laboratory, working closely with Sales and Accounting to establish sales, expense and earnings targets

Review actual lab performance to operating budget each month and make decisions necessary to ensure successful attainment of the lab's annual operating earnings plan

Direct and manage the production of the lab to meet cost and quality objectives

Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure the most efficient and economical procurement and disbursement of materials, supplies and inventory

Ensure proper technical training and supervision is provided

Monitor labor and material costs to control production efficiency

Prepare production plans and schedules

Assist in fabricating dental prosthetic appliances as demand requires

Develop and oversee programs for monitoring production process quality

Ensure proper safety and equipment maintenance procedures are followed

With the assistance of Sales and Marketing, develop and coordinate programs to maintain and increase laboratory market share, ensure that territory sales objectives are met and marketing activities such as seminars, mailers, and journal ads are properly administered

Ensure that proper levels of customer service and technical consulting are provided to customers

With the assistance of Human Resources, develop staffing plans to maximize productivity and control labor costs

Implement programs designed to cross-train technicians, develop supervisory skills and provide backups for each position

Partner with Human Resources to address and resolve employee-related issues that arise, including the decision to discipline and/or terminate employees

With the assistance of Human Resources, implement effective performance review system for managers with supervisory responsibilities

Responsible for managing, supervising and evaluating performance of laboratory employees who report directly to this position (positions vary depending on laboratory)

Direct customer services activities including tracking customer complaints, remakes, customer surveys, account analysis, and value added services

Direct lab facility activities to ensure that the laboratory is neat, orderly and properly maintained to prevent workplace damage and minimize potential for injury

Responsible for overseeing and directing lab administrative functions

Maintain records of laboratory activities as required

Attend occasional company-sponsored events and meetings and may be required to meet with customers as situations require



General office conditions with exposure to clean, climate-controlled laboratory environment with some grinders, lathes, ovens, burners, steamers and boiling water

Uses hand pieces, articulators, steamer cleaners, grinders, Bunsen burners, burnt ovens, tongs, pliers, knives, lathes, burs, open hot water tanks, pneumatic machines, milling machines, scanners, wands, computers (limited)

May be required to travel locally in a vehicle or nationally for Company meetings (limited)

Uses a computer, printer, photocopier, and telephone



High school graduate or equivalent. Bachelor's degree or equivalent preferred

Broad, generalized training in business administration, leadership and dental technology

Minimum seven to ten years' experience in management, sales and/or customer service, or a combination thereof

Minimum five to seven years fabricating dental prosthetic appliances

Requires manual dexterity, strong attention to detail and good spatial and visual perception

Must exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance when managing the laboratory, supervising employees and working with customers

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve conflicts among laboratory employees and with customers

Must possess good time management skills with the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks with minimal supervision

Must be well organized and possess good reasoning ability

Must be able to motivate and direct the work of other employees, create an environment of teamwork and be willing to answer questions

Ability to lift ten pounds and occasionally heavier


Position Requirements
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