ihiredental industry report graphic

February 2018 Dental Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Natalie Winzer, iHire

February 2018 showed significant increases in the job front. Total new dental jobs added to iHireDental was at its highest since August 2017. New dentist-general practitioner jobs nearly doubled from January to February, and oral/maxillofacial surgeon jobs made their way into the top 5 list.

Total iHireDental job seekers increased by ~18,000, with the usual suspects – dental assistant, office manager/practice administrator/receptionist, dental hygienist, dentist-general practitioner, and dental lab technician – leading the way.

We’ve also added two new charts to the report for a look at month-to-month changes in new dental jobs added to our database. Check these out moving forward for broader insight into the dental job market.

ihiredental february 2018 dental industry report infographic